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About Us

Build Strong Athletic Foundation With Science

Funktional Foundation is deep-rooted in sports and rehab.

The founders are experienced athletes, who have been working tirelessly with several established sportspersons for over 14 years.


The intent behind the start-up is to help athletes and coaches organize programs in a smooth and seamless way.


By introducing this online platform, we want to reach the majority of athletes who do not have the appropriate access to trainers, coaches and physiotherapists.


The main aim is to make these motivated human beings self-sufficient so that they can stay fit and injury-free even when they are travelling without their athletic trainers or rehab specialists.

Services We Provide

As we have a speciality in the area of Sports Physical Therapy and Strength & Conditioning. 

We offer a customized injury rehab, injury prevention and sports specific strength & conditioning programs to take your athletic potential to a whole new level. 


Our injury prevention and rehab programs are specifically designed to minimize your future risk of injuries and speed up recovery for faster return to sport

Pink Health and Fitness (Gym) Business_A

Customized Online Athletic Strength & Conditioning Program via App

To make athletes foundation stronger and more injury resistant there are few areas which require experts eye such as flexibility, mobility, foundational movements, and strength.

But many strength & conditioning coaches are unsure what to do once they get an athlete in the weight room.


Our online athletic strength & conditioning programs helps in building the correct movement foundation by correcting and fixing the weak links in your body which usually are the sources for injuries. Building strong movement foundation not only make athletes injury resistant but also helps them achieve peak performance.


Online Physical Therapy Program via App

Our online rehab programs are specifically designed to take care of functional limitations in terms of mobility, flexibility and strength to speed up your recovery for your faster return to sport.

 Get your customized online injury prevention or injury rehab program in an app along with unlimited chat support. 

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Don't take our words

See What Athletes Are Saying

I had a history of medial meniscus tear. I wanted to get it treated conservatively along with mild to moderate intensity of tennis. With right guidance provided by Ishan and Manpreet on correct, specific rehab and strengthening routine for my injury I'm not only playing pain free now but also can do intense exercises which seemed to be an impossible task before coming to them

Tennis Professional

Lakshay Gupta

I was experiencing impinging pain in the right hip joint along with pains in the lower abdomen till the groin which was holding me back to play tennis optimally. I tried various physical therapy and strength training routine at various sports rehab clinics with little to no success in treating my pain issue.

The proper examination done by Ishan and Manpreet for designing customized pain rehab and performance routine with the gradual progressions of mobility, flexibility, stability exercises my hip pain slowly started subsiding and I started feeling confident again about starting my tennis.​

Ex - Athlete

Agrim Rai

Before working with Funktional Foundation I had limited mobility and flexibility issues which was impacting my tennis overall. With the help of customized preventive rehab, recovery, specific strength-conditioning routine provided by experts I could see major improvement in my game with fewer to no injuries.

Tennis Professional

Kshitij Kamal