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Are you looking to offer a customized medical strength training and fitness routine to your corporate team?

Does your workforce ever complain about creaky neck and achy back by the end of their work day?

Working on a desk all day long can turn out to be really detrimental to the health and physical well-being of your team members.

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Pains in the back or neck or both are the most common health issues that we are seeing in the past one year with the unfortunate change in work culture. But this doesn't have to be a pain in your employee's life and work productivity.

Functional Foundation is there to guide your team members on imperative workspace modifications to encourage better posture, which apparently is winning half battle against painful back and neck.

To maintain a healthy spine and good posture automatically, there are some essential elements to spine stability, mobility and core muscles strength which need be fixed along with ergonomic/workstation redesign. 

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