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The Yearly Baliem Valley Cultural Event

The Dani Tribe is ready to invite tourists who concern the Baliem Valley Cultural Celebration on 7-10 Austus 2019. The 30th annual celebration are kept in Welesi Area, Jayawijaya Regency, Central Hills, Papua. The great style of advertising Dani (Hubula) arts and culture as belonging to the social heritage of the archipelago and the world is the main agenda for this year to Wisata Alam Papua.

Baliem Valley is located in Jayawijaya Rule, Papua District. The Baliem Valley Cultural Festival is held every year in August. This year the festival takes place on 7 to 10 August. This special annual event will certainly be celebrated in Welesi Area, Jayawijaya Regency, Papua District.

This is a special occasion where all various tribes from the highlands of Wamena and also the Baliem Valley such as Dani, Lani and Yali gather together to celebrate their annual Baliem Valley Festival. In this event there will be many shows executed by different tribes which mostly provide the simulations of battle between tribes, households and also some standard dancings from numerous people in Baliem as well as Wamena.

The tribal war simulation will be held for 2 days done by around 26 groups of 30-50 competitors. This fight scene is accompanied by standard Papuan songs called Pikon. Pikon is a music instrument made of timber that generates audio when blown. The sound developed a beautiful relaxing music. Not many individuals can play this instrument because it calls for special know-how. You will see many intriguing efficiencies at the Baliem Valley Festival 2019.

Organized by Pesona Raja Ampat, Baliem Valley Cultural Event has the function to introduce and protect the cultural values of Papua's Baliem Valley typical people. The Event will certainly be enhanced by a range of interesting arts and social performances, including standard Papuan dancings, pig racing, puradan rattan spear throwing competition, playing sikoko spear, standard Papua music efficiencies and much more.

Site visitors can additionally feel truth definition as Papuans by putting on typical Koteka outfits and make their skin black so they can also belong of the annual Baliem Valley Cultural Festival celebration.

Wisata Papua supplies a special package for the Baliem Valley Cultural Event. Please contact us for information of this Papua journey!

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