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Vengeance Sound MEGA PACK 092012torrent [Latest]




Author: edgardson/dow/lucas/felix Category: video games Votes: 0 Updated: 12-05-2012 20:16:41 1. Whirlpool Fury Bonus Riddles With the new Whirlpool Fury Bonus Riddles, you can earn even more coins by completing new tasks and challenges. This new whirlpool may contain an added bonus! However, there are no guarantees in this game that anything is hidden. Guess the Riddles Now! As a new feature to the game, you can guess Whirlpool Fury Bonus Riddles at any time for extra coins. If you manage to guess the riddles in time, you will be able to earn even more coins. To play Whirlpool Fury Bonus Riddles, click on the Whirlpool Fury Bonus Riddles button on the left side of the main menu. From here, you will be able to guess three new riddles at a time for an additional reward. Features 12 brand new riddles An extra prize of coins Special extra prize if you guess riddles in time Can you earn all the coins and prizes in Whirlpool Fury Bonus Riddles? In other words, what is the mystery behind these bonus riddles? Can you discover them all? How to Play Choose between the 3 difficulties (easiest to hardest). Select 3 bonus riddles at random from a pool of 12. The coin value will be displayed in the top-right corner of the screen. Guess and see! The round ends when you guess all the riddles correctly. When you guess the riddles in time, you will also be awarded with the extra reward of coins. If you fail to guess any of the riddles correctly, you will be able to try again. You will only be able to guess one riddle from the three bonus riddles you chose. Screenshots Achievements Use your bonus credits to unlock the following achievements: Play all the bonus riddles in time for an extra reward of coins. Unlock Whirlpool Fury Bonus Riddles Hint: You can earn an extra prize of coins by completing Whirlpool Fury Bonus Riddles.



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Vengeance Sound MEGA PACK 092012torrent [Latest]

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